I recently attended a coaching shooting clinic at Diamond Valley. I think I was the only non Diamond Valley person there! Darren Perry and Charles Ryan ran the clinic. It was a great clinic and I was overwhelmed by the information. Things have changed since I learnt how to play, especially the idea of the triple threat position. I learnt it as on your hip protecting the ball, but now it is taught as in front of your body, using your strength to protect the ball.

Although I didn’t get a copy of the video, I thought I would post a few goodies from youtube. I especially like the first one. Notice the position of the guide hand (the weak hand). It is there to “guide” the hand, not to provide any strength on the shot or even take over the shot

For a more detailed video, checkout Pistol Pete’s video. Very mechanical and can be very daunting!

Pistol Pete tells you to aim for the front of the ring. I like to look at the back of the ring from where I am shooting. If someone you are coaching is having problems with their shots falling short, tell them to use their knees more and if that doesn’t work try telling to aim for the back of the ring. I’ve had that help a few kids I have coached before.

If anyone else has any other videos, links out there to share, please place them in the comments!