So is anyone off to the Basketball Victoria Coaching Conference? I’ll be there. Meant to attend the Guy Molloy coaching clinic except I had that dreaded cold virus that is going around and couldn’t make it.

Anyway, had some bad news last week. One of my rep players fell over a hurdle during athletics and dislocated his hip. He is out for 12 months. Bed ridden at the moment. Imagine being 10 years old and bed ridden with the bottom half of your body in plaster and immobilised. I don’t think I could handle it and I’m an adult. All the best to Wil and his recovery. Hope to see you out there playing basketball again in 12 months time.

First game this Friday night for regional teams in the VJBL. I will only have 7 players. We’re playing in Broadmeadows against Broadmeadows 2. Will be a difficult game to win. Hopefully we’ll get a win first up!