Phil Jackson is one of the greatest basketball coaches the world has ever seen. Yes, he was blessed with having the best player ever under his wing, however he also invented the “triangle” offensive play that resulted in two 3-peats by the Chicago Bulls in the 1990’s. If you have ever read any of his books, the thought processes of this great man is mind-boggling. If I can be an eighth (1/8) of the coach Phil Jackson was I will be more than happy.

My representative team lost by 2 points last week. Unfortunately, basics such as traveling and shooting let us down. We should have won, but we didn’t. It’s hard to bring about change in a player, when every Wednesday’s domestic game,  traveling is rarely called. The most common problem I have come across in my short stint of coaching is the jab and crossover travel. So many players jab with one foot and then instead of crossing over the same foot they jabbed with, they crossover feet instead. This is usually an easy habit to eradicate with repetitive drills.

On the other hand, I’m having trouble eradicating the “omg I have pressure on me I’m going to step around them, lift my planted foot and then dribble” travel. How do you replicate this in training? Is there a drill I can do? This usually happens in my team when players try to step around/step through 2/3 opposition players. I’m trying to convince them that you cannot beat 2/3 players, but typical 10 and 11 year olds, they think they are indestructible! Does anyone have any ideas on how to diminish this travel from my team’s game? Any help would be be appreciated.

We’re playing at home tonight. Hopefully we will have a player in a couple of weeks to replace Wil (the player who has dislocated his hip). Wil is doing well and I’m off to visit him on the weekend to loan him some basketball dvd’s and books! He was lucky enough to get a photo in the newspaper yesterday!