Tryouts for next rep season are coming up soon. Here are some tips of what the coaches are looking for!

  • Listen. Listen to the coaches, other players, administrators etc. Listening is how you learn.

  • A lot of “good” players do not get picked because they are not “coachable”. Basketball is a team game and everyone has their role. If you are going to go out and play for yourself, then don’t bother turning up. If you do, you won’t get picked.

  • Play as a team. If someone is in a better position than you, pass it to them. It doesn’t matter if they miss the shot. The coach sees the pass and the shot!
  • Try new things. If you aren’t that good dribbling/shooting on your opposite hand, try it. Coaches look for potential when picking a team. If you are willing to try, it shows you are willing to improve.
  • If someone is beating you in offence every time, try harder next time. Never give up. Once you give up, the coaches lose interest. Sometimes a player is just better than you, but in a year’s time you can be better than them if you keep trying!
  • Do the “one percenters”. Take that great rebound, hussle in defence. Do the cuts in offence even if you don’t get the ball. Deny the ball in defence, go split line. Do that awesome pass. Trust me it looks good. Max Rooke is one of Bomber Thompson’s favourite players because he always does the “one percenters”.
  • Have fun! Don’t forget that it is just a game of basketball afterall. Don’t take it too seriously, but don’t muck around.

I’ll keep editing this post as I come up with things over the next few weeks. Good luck if you are trying out.