There’s some great historical data about great teams bouncing back from a disappointing loss, the most recent being the Geelong Cats in the AFL earlier this year after they lost to the Blues.

My youth league team faces their first thrashing the weekend just past. How on earth does a rookie coach bounce back from a 40 point loss let alone a rookie team?

The rookie coach decided to call upon the ‘big wigs’ response and like the Geelong Cats have done in the past, the first half hour of training the following Monday was spent analysing the game and undertaking an “honesty session”.

The rookie coach had no idea how to run this honesty session so decided to call upon google to answer questions about what a session entails. Google failed, and the only results that were found involved newspaper articles about Australian supporting teams undertaking these “honesty sessions”. This then got me thinking…do “honesty sessions” occur anywhere else in the sporting world? Please comment if you do know of examples.

So the rookie coach undertook this “honesty session” with no background information. It was more or less run on a whim. Some interesting issues were brought out into the open and we then realised we’re still in the top 4 so there’s not too much to worry about 🙂

Only time will tell if this honesty session worked.