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MrG3515’s comments got me thinking about transition offence/defence. I went to a coaching clinic late last year with Michelle Timms and Tom Maher as the stars. The focus was transition, and scoring easy baskets from transition basketball. Some key points included:

  • Ensure the team gets the ball in as quickly as possible after the opposition scores two points. Don’t decide on someone to take the ball in every time. The team rule is for the closest person to take the ball! If you move the ball up the court quickly you will be surprised how many times you can catch the defence lapsing.
  • Run the lanes. The ball handler should never dribble ball to sideline of court. Defence wants to trap there! Dribble down the middle of the court slightly to the left or right of the middle. They explained this as an imaginary line from where the centre-line and edge of jump ball circle meets in centre of court then runs down length of court.
  • Pass the ball quickly up the court! Quickest way down the court is to pass.
  • In a 2 on 1/3 on 2/4 on 3/5 on 4 situation, penetrate to basket, draw defence and pass quickly. Moving ball quickly unsettles defensive structure. If no one defends player with the ball pull up for a shot and everyone crash the boards.

Some drills to run include:

  • 3 on 3 full court. Swap one team in/out every minute. 10 second shot clock. All other normal basketball rules apply.
  • There’s also some great drills at basketball plays and tips

I was shown some drills at the clinic, except I can’t seem to find any videos/good written examples. I really should get a video camera and record some of my training sessions shouldn’t I?

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