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I haven’t been coaching for that long, and I haven’t come across a player with as much potential as a recent 8 year old who has just picked up a basketball for the first time in his life.

Imagine an 8 year old who can run from the length of the court and back so fast that boys 2 years older than him are still at half court when he finishes. Imagine an 8 year old who has never touched a basketball in his life but can seem to read the play so well not many can pass it past him. He has already scored 6 points in his first two games and I’ve lost count of the number of intercepts. In the words of a 7 year old in our team – “Holy S**t!”

The agility skills of the boy for his age is the best I have seen so far in my coaching career. But there’s a dilemma…there’s so much pressure on a coach to get things right with a player tht has so much potential at such a young age. I’m actually a bit worried about failing the boy.

I can only do my best. Let’s hope it is good enough and we have a future boomer in our midsts.

Let’s also hope we don’t lose him to another sport such as AFL.

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